Day 1, September 17th

Time Speaker Affiliation Title
12:00-13:00     Registration
13:00-13:05     Welcome / Introduction
13:05-14:55  Mitsuhisa Sato RIKEN Keynote: XcalableMP PGAS language as a parallel tool
13:55-14:05     Coffee break
14:05-14:50  Holger Brunst TU Dresden A Performance Evaluation of state-of-the-art HPC Performance Tracing Tools
14:50-15:35  Arya Mazaheri TU Darmstadt Unveiling Thread Communication Bottlenecks Using Hardware-Independent Metrics
15:35-15:45     Coffee break
15:45-16:30  Martin Schulz TUM The MPI Tool Information Interface MPI_T: past, present, and future - capabilities and prospects
16:30-17:15  Christian Feld JSC Detecting disaster before it strikes: On the challenges of automated building and testing in HPC environments
19:30     Social Event / Dinner

Day 2, September 18th

Time Speaker Affiliation Title
08:30-09:00     Registration
09:00-09:05     Welcome / Introduction
09:05-09:55  John Mellor-Crummey  RICE Keynote: Evolving HPCToolkit to Address Performance Analysis Challenges of Modern Hardware and Software
09:55-10:25     Coffee break
10:25-11:10  Madhura Kumaraswamy 


Auto-Tuning Energy-Efficiency for HPC Using the READEX Methodology
11:10-11:55  Miguel López Becoña  USC Runtime analysis of performance and energy usage tool in NUMA systems
11:55-12:40  Luka Stanisic MPCDF Performance Analysis of task-based HPC applications using Data Science Tools
12:40-14:00     Lunch
14:00-14:45  Christoph Niethammer HLRS Programming model independent HPC application I/O analysis
14:45-15:30  Benson Muite University of Tartu Application benchmarks as example codes for testing performance tools
15:30-16:00     Closing Remarks
 16:00     End