4th Parallel Tools Workshop


Stuttgart, September 7-8 2010

The 4th Parallel Tools Workshop

The 4th Parallel Tools Workshop took place in Stuttgart on September 7th/8th at HLRS. We would like to thank all participants, especially the speakers. They all played an important role in creating an in-depth workshop on the state-of-the-art of parallel programming tools, ranging from debugging tools, performance analysis and best practices in integrated developing environments for parallel platforms.

We are currently working hard on the proceedings of the workshop and the live DVD.

We sincerely hope that we meet you again on the 5th Parallel Tools Workshop 2011.

Important Deadlines

Oct 19th 2010 Contribution for Proceedings

Organizing committee

Rainer Keller
Colin W. Glass
Shiqing Fan
Alexander Schulz
Blasius Czink
Jose Gracia
Christoph Niethammer