2nd Parallel Tools Workshop


Stuttgart, July 7-8 2008

Announcing the 2nd HLRS Parallel Tools Workshop

Developing for current and future processors will more and more require parallel programming techniques for application and library programmers.

With the 2nd Parallel Tools Workshop on July, 7th/8th, HLRS wants to offer its industrial and scientific user community, as well as the tools developers itself an in-depth workshop on the state-of-the-art of parallel programming tools, ranging from debugging tools, performance analysis and best practices in integrated developing environments for parallel platforms.

Participants and tools developers itself will get the chance to see the strengths of the various tools, as the main technical persons behind these tools will meet. Therefore, this workshop is focused on persons, that have participated previously, e.g. in the Parallel programming workshops at HLRS, and are familiar with programming.

Additionally to high-quality presentations, the setting and organization of the workshop leaves room for technical discussions and for establishing contacts.

The workshop has finished. We would like to thank all the speakers and all the guests for their participation and the successful outcome. We had overall 83 participants from various countries.
We collected the slides of the presentations and put them into the program and uploaded some pictures of the workshop.