Day 1, September 17th

Time Speaker Affiliation Title
12:00-13:00     Registration
13:00-13:05     Welcome / Introduction
13:05-14:55  Mitsuhisa Sato RIKEN Keynote: XcalableMP PGAS language as a parallel tool
13:55-14:05     Coffee break
14:05-14:50  Holger Brunst TU Dresden A Performance Evaluation of state-of-the-art HPC Performance Tracing Tools
14:50-15:35  Arya Mazaheri TU Darmstadt Unveiling Thread Communication Bottlenecks Using Hardware-Independent Metrics
15:35-15:45     Coffee break
15:45-16:30  Martin Schulz TUM The MPI Tool Information Interface MPI_T: past, present, and future - capabilities and prospects
16:30-17:15  Christian Feld JSC Detecting disaster before it strikes: On the challenges of automated building and testing in HPC environments
19:30     Social Event / Dinner

Day 2, September 18th

Time Speaker Affiliation Title
08:30-09:00     Registration
09:00-09:05     Welcome / Introduction
09:05-09:55  John Mellor-Crummey  RICE Keynote: Evolving HPCToolkit to Address Performance Analysis Challenges of Modern Hardware and Software
09:55-10:25     Coffee break
10:25-11:10  Madhura Kumaraswamy 


Auto-Tuning Energy-Efficiency for HPC Using the READEX Methodology
11:10-11:55  Miguel López Becoña  USC Runtime analysis of performance and energy usage tool in NUMA systems
11:55-12:40  Luka Stanisic MPCDF Performance Analysis of task-based HPC applications using Data Science Tools
12:40-14:00     Lunch
14:00-14:45  Christoph Niethammer HLRS Programming model independent HPC application I/O analysis
14:45-15:30  Benson Muite University of Tartu Application benchmarks as example codes for testing performance tools
15:30-16:00     Closing Remarks
 16:00     End

Proceedings of the workshop will be published by Springer after the workshop. Speakers are expected to submit a paper on their presentation. Papers will be reviewed and selected by the organisers.

Travelling to Stuttgart

Stuttgart is located in the Southwest of Germany and is very convenient to reach by plain, train, or car. Detailed travel info and accommodation recommendations can be found at the HLRS "How to find us" page.

Workshop Venue

The meeting will take place at the HLRS "Rühle Saal", located at

Nobelstraße 19
70569 Stuttgart

The closest S-Bahn station is "University" ("Universität"), located between the Airport (Flughafen) and the Central Train Station (Hauptbahnhof), accessible with the lines S1, S2, and S3. The S-Bahn timeschedule can be acquired from the link.

Immediately after leaving the train, follow the signs "Wohngebiet Schranne" on the platform to the proper exit from the S-Bahn station. Then follow the green line as indicated on the plan below.


There are only a few hotels located in the area of HLRS. Among the recommended ones are the following:

  1. campus.guest
  2. Römerhof
  3. Commundo
  4. Pulmann

Please use the Hotel Reservation Service to get more available hotels.

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